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Open Demos: Open Social Data

Gaelan’s slides are available here. With recent additions from Google and Facebook, social networking has been at the centre of many tech-related discussions. Our next Open Demo, on Wednesday, July 13, will focus on advances and issues in open social data. Previous Open Demo presenter Gaelan will provide an introduction to Diaspora, a decentralized social networking alternative to […]

Winnipeg Transit leads by example

Winnipeg Transit is leading by example with good Open Data practices. They have published their data in GTFS format under the ODC PDDL. The zip file includes a LICENSE file with the full text of the PDDL. These licensing terms provide absolute clarity to developers who wish to use Winnipeg Transit data. Yes, you may. […]

Open Data for Everybody

Open Data is for Everybody. But some of us have questions about Open Data. What is Open Data? How will it affect me? Does Open Data mean that all of my secrets will be revealed? How do I make use of Open Data? And even, I have this great idea but don’t know where to […]