Open Demos – Real Time Transit Data

Grand River Transit will soon be making real-time data available. Will you know how to use it?

Our upcoming Open Demos will be next Monday, November 12, from 7pm to 8:30pm, and will feature Giles Malet giving an introduction to GTFS-realtime, the standard for real-time transit feeds. Giles is the author of GRTransit, an Android app currently based on static schedule data.

After the discussion of transit data, there should be time for those interested to share anything open data related that they are working on or would like to, or perhaps to plan a collaboration. The event will be in the Tannery at Charles/Victoria in downtown Kitchener, in the Matrix Room inside the Velocity Garage. There will be signs to help get you there from the main entrance facing Charles Street.

Open Demos are a way to learn about tools, technology, and formats to help you work with open data (and other data). If there’s something you’d like to present or see presented, let us know! And please join the discussion list to be in the loop.

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