City of Waterloo Open Data CodeFest

The City of Waterloo is going public with their open data catalogue next week! To mark the launch, the City is helping host a CodeFest next Saturday, December 1, from 9am to 6pm. Come out and build something! Either by yourself or with a team.

Brand new data sets will include: city facilities, detailed park information, places of worship, bike lanes, roads, trails, historical street names, heritage buildings, and more. Should you fail to find inspiration, you can of course work with other open data, like that from the Region or the University of Waterloo.

It will be in the Erb Room on the third floor of Waterloo City Hall, at 100 Regina St S. The City will be providing pizza, wi-fi, and power. The CodeFest will go from 9am to 6pm – so you can really get something put together. (You do not have to be there the full time, but many will be.)

The previous evening, Friday, November 30, we’ve booked a table from 7 to 9pm at BarleyWorks in the Huether Hotel. Grab a pint, meet others of us, and get a head start on planning what you’ll work on during the CodeFest. BarleyWorks is upstairs in the Huether Hotel, and we should be upstairs again from there (the table is under “Open Data”).

So that we can plan appropriately, we would appreciate it if you signed up to confirm your attendance.

Please share this event with anyone you think may be interested in working with local data and/or developing our open data community!

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