Preview City of Waterloo Data at Saturday’s CodeFest

This Saturday is the Open Data CodeFest at the University of Waterloo (Facebook event link). In case you needed more reasons to attend, here’s a big one.

The City of Waterloo is working on joining the local open data scene, and Saturday will be a chance to get a taste of Waterloo’s open data! It will also be a way to provide direct feedback to the city on what you would like to see, and how well everything works. At this point it will be just a preview, but more will be on the way soon. At the 11am start of the CodeFest we will have an introduction to those data sets and what you can do with them, courtesy of the City of Waterloo. Expect the preview data sets to include GIS data relating to city facilities and networks, but come out Saturday to find out the detailed list.

Also in time for the CodeFest, the Region of Waterloo will be updating their data sets, and releasing a new data set on Doors Open Waterloo Region.

So spread the word about the Open Data CodeFest, and join us on Saturday! If you like, print out a poster in colour or grayscale and put it up where it makes sense.

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