Open Data CodeFest

Come one, come all to the first ever Open Data Waterloo Region CodeFest! It’s this coming Saturday, March 12 at Kwartzlab in Kitchener, from 11am to whenever. Bring a laptop and your enthusiasm to do interesting things with open data.

We want you to get excited about what open data makes possible, and to show what can be done. That means coding, but also any kind of maps, graphs, visualizations, stats, etc. Ultimately, we hope to help the local governments and public understand the potential of starting to make their (our) data public.

It is possible that we may be able to secure access to some local open data for this event, but no guarantees. Later this week we will post more information on the data we will have available.

There is a PDF version of the adjacent poster available, if you might be interested in printing one out and putting it up wherever appropriate. There is also a Facebook event for this, to which are welcome to invite people.

Important: we will be meeting this Wednesday to hammer out the final details of the CodeFest, including what data we’ll be using. Please join us at Queen Street Commons Cafe in Kitchener, at 6:30 pm this Wednesday.

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  • Tim Walden says:

    You mention that you may be able to get access to some data. I am wondering what data you might be getting and from whom?

    • admin says:

      The data I’m referring to is GRT schedule data. I’ve been led to believe it may become publicly available — possibly this week — when a new GRT website goes live. There’s nothing we have special access to.

      -Michael D

    • Richard Weait says:

      Turns out that the transit data was not available for CodeFest-1. Attendees had a look at several other open data sources including the University of Waterloo weather station, municipal data from Surrey, BC, and other sources.

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